A new approach
to better brain health.

Personalized programs for seniors concerned about cognitive changes. Supported by science, delivered by caring experts, easy to use.

Learn how elovee (pronounced el-oh-vee) helped our users improve their memory and language skills.

As we age, how do we keep our brains healthy and sharp?

Age-related cognitive challenges, from memory, language, concentration and focus, are common. The good news is there are effective interventions to restore function or develop new strategies that don’t require drugs.

Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT) is a clinically recognized approach to improve cognitive function. Think of CRT as physiotherapy for your brain, delivering activities to strengthen memory, attention, and language.

elovee is a personalized, accessible approach. We combine knowledgeable clinicians, with decades of experience, and an easy to use, phone-based system.

Listen to a short sample of a Healthy Brain Activity.

Our free healthy brain program is based on scientific evidence to help you reach your cognitive goals.

Connect with a licensed clinician

  • Healthy Brain Consultation
  • Identify functional goals
  • Receive custom care plan

Start personalized 4 week program

  • Activities delivered by phone
  • Regular feedback with progress reports
  • Stimulating! Fun!

Receive ongoing support

  • Review progress
  • Tools to incorporate learnings into everyday life
  • Exclusive access to digital content

9 out of 10 elovee users surveyed would recommend the program to their friends and family

Feedback on our program

“With many of my social events going virtual I found myself struggling to remember certain tasks or keep up with conversations. This was the main reason I tried elovee's Healthy Brain Program and was delighted to learn that the activities they provided made such a difference!”

Elvira, 86

Feedback on our program

“I’ve spoken to friends who have struggled with the same things I’ve struggled with and was excited to share about how elovee had helped me with my memory recall. The program has also increased my ability to be present for others and be of service to those in my life.”

Dalton, 76

Feedback on our program

“My elovee specialist has been very supportive, kind and understanding. I love listening to the activities by phone and I have improved my cognitive thinking because of the program.”

David, 63